Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The LEAF Philosophy

Plato asked Socrates “Why do people always have a problem about relationships?”

Socrates replied, “Go to the wheat field and look for the most special leaf ..”

After a while, Plato went back but empty handed.

Socrates asked why.

Plato said, “I was able to look for a special leaf but then I thought that I could find something better so I left and searched for more. I didn’t find anything and when I went back to finally pick the first special leaf that I saw, it was no longer there.

What’s wrong about the attitude of people is that we always search for the best.

But when we finally able experience a great relationship, we take our loved ones for granted expecting to find someone better…

and then realize in the end, the love you had was the best, the only problem is it’s now too late…



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