Tuesday, May 6, 2008

become blessings in disguise after all

Everything that happens in this world has a purpose-

be it good or


The universe never willed our lives to be like hell.

So when a turning point

seems terrible…

later you would notice

that a wonderful thing


for the seemingly

hopeless incident.

Very often than not,

Our lives become better

and things become blessings



after all.


desiree melodie neekel said...

i really love your quotes..i would really like the link if you could give it to me please...im really asking for them and i see your quotes posted on the board of wisdom thing and its been added to my favorites.please

mimiku said...

thanks. I appreciate it.
The quotes that are posted here were the text msgs and emails that I've received from my friends. You were asking about the link where i got these quotes??? unfortunately there's none. you could just add my site as one of your favorites. I'll try to update my blog as often as possible. thanks... :)

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