Wednesday, December 24, 2008

they were... they weren't

"Their cliques noticed the spark—they didn’t.

They noticed it too late.

They noticed it after they decided to deny it.

They were protecting their friendship.

They were killing the love.

They were trying to keep up with their friends’ pressures on them being a couple.

They were trying to tell themselves it was nothing.

They were thinking it was wrong, it was forbidden.

They thought their friendship was perfect, it was not to be thrown away by some silly infatuation.

They tried to act normal.

They tried harder to hide their feelings.

They weren’t progressing,

and they weren’t very good actors. "


Anonymous said...

and how do we know it's not just a silly infatuation..?

Anonymous said...

and how do we know that it's not just a silly infatuation?..

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