Monday, March 2, 2009

doesn't end where heartaches begin

Remember that you cannot be a redeemer all your life. The best way to weigh a Relationship is out it in the test of fire. Remember, we all fall and make wrong decisions but our blunders are meant not to bury us deep in misery but to teach us the valued lessons of life. Loving is always a learning process. With love, we learn how to care and sacrifice. We learn to share and reach out. We learn to be UNSELFISH AND GIVE MORE THAN WE CAN. And when everything doesn’t end well, we learn how it feels like to fall and get hurt. But learning doesn’t have to end there. After our fall, we strive to get back on our feet and move on. This is where we learn that: “LIFE DOESN’T END WHERE OUR HEARTACHES BEGIN.”


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