Saturday, May 30, 2009

What is Heartache?

Heartache is feeling all the love you could possibly possess for that one person
and at the same time know that the feelings are not mutual.

Heartache is having that feeling of anticipation crushed down when you see him
and know that you can’t have him.

Heartache is trying to be a good friend and listen to him express his own feelings of love...
for someone else.

Heartache is him coming to you for relationship advice and you trying with all your power not to give him advice that will surely demolish his current relationship.

Heartache is wanting so desperately to grab him and give him one of those huge fireworks exploding, academy-award winning,would only happen in a movie because he loves somebody else kisses.....but you know you can’t.

Heartache is forcing your body to play dead towards him so as to not give any true feeling away, even though the deafening sound of your heart beating out his name is driving you insane.

Heartache is having to tell someone who just asked who that guy you were walking with was...
"ohh him, we're just friends", while inside you cry and whisper..

"that’s all we'll ever be.."


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